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Minimum order of 3. Place 1 in your cart and you will receive 3 Cat Fishin' Duck Flyer.

Price $4.75 each - Suggested Retail $9.95 - $12.95

UPC 6-82863-10389-2

Inner Pack Case of 6

Master Case of 108

The Cat Fishin' Rod! We are thrilled to introduce a toy that we worked on for nearly 2 years. The molded grip handle is unlike any of our other rods! We proudly us Nano Paracord from Atwood Rope Company that is Made in the USA and a super easy snap swivel! This is a flexible, sturdy, and durable rod. The Cat Lures, Cat Fishin' Rod comes in 3 easily stored pieces. You connect the rod in seconds and attach any Cat Lure your cat loves. In this case you puchased the Cat Lures Duck Flyer! These are assorted items so the colors will change. The brand NEW Duck Flyer made by Cat Lures! Flies with an incredible twirl! Cat Lures are recommended by veterinarians to keep your cats healthy and happy. Handcrafted in the USA, Kenya, and China. The Duck Flyer comes with a swivel loop that attaches easily to the snap swivel on the rod for extra spinning action! Your cats will fly! *Feather colors may vary.

Cat Fishin' Duck Flyer

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