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Go Cat Feather Toys Panel Suggestions

Below are displays for 

any size space in your 

cat section!

1'x4' Display GC1-4

1'x5' Display GC1-5

2'x5' Display GC2-5

3'x5' Display GC3-5

2'x5' Display GC2-5interactive

4'x5' Display GC4-5

The Complete End Cap!



This assortment has all GO CAT’s top sellers and will bring customers back for GO CAT attachements time and time again.  Once cat customers experience the delight watching their favorite feline get excited over GO CATS amazing Cat Toys, they are sold on the brand for life! The GO CAT FEATHER TOY line, our TIGER GRASS CERTIFIED ORGANIC CATNIP, and CAT DREAM DVDs are renowned for how well they work and are featured in hundreds of YOUTUBE videos shared with thousands worldwide! Alexander Galaxy of ANIMAL PLANETS "MY CAT FROM HELL" uses GO CAT TOYS on his show as a key ingredient to his many success stories. In order to provide you with copy points for online sales on your company website: Here’s what’s included in the 


Da Bird with 36" Rod assorted with Guinea and Turkey feathers!

The #1 Interactive Cat Toy World Wide for the past 25 years, Hand Crafted in the USA


​Cat Lures that attach to any Go Cat wand with a simple click of the snap swivel.



The GO CAT DA DRAGONFLY, DA BEE, DA FISH, DA OCTOPUS, DA FEATHER MOUSE and DA GOLD FISH. Unlike common Ground Prey toys, ours are hand woven on leather out of deer hair (all from the USA) and appeal to the natural hunting instincts of all cats. The feel of these toys excites the senses of cats like the natural feathers of DA BIRD. Cats lose sight of the braided safety wire and only see the toy moving as you guide their delight!  The DA CAT CATCHER is the number one interactive CAT TOY in the world for a reason with thousands of 5-star reviews on the internet! - WE GUARANTEE CATISFACTION on all GO CAT interactive toys! Da Ball works in the same way and has the crinkle effect.


​Da Purr Peller is one of our newest toys that is a hit with everyone that tries it!  It flies like no other interactive cat toy on the market, hovering like a real bird, your cat will not take its eyes off it. Da Purr Peller refills also work with the 36" wand for a different flight experience.

Our GO CAT Catnip pillows come in 3 colors, with a beautiful cat pencil sketch design filled cushion and organic catnip. A top seller for years!

Feather Pong and Fur Pong. Colored Ping Pong balls filled with rice combined with either feather or fur make this toy a cat favorite for kicking around!

36" Feather Tickler Assortment. Hand made on florist rods that never loss their spring - quality prevails and that it is what GO CAT customers love!

Cat Dreams DVD

The DVD produced exclusively for cats to watch. Incredible reviews and testimonials on YOUTUBE! It’s filled with all the sights and sounds cats love! Over One Million sold!


Tiger Grass Certified Organic Catnip in our Gold Foil Bags provides the GOLD STANDARD of catnip for your customers. It is SUPER POTENT and keeps customers coming back time and time again! The packaging reflects the quality and the pricing offers great profitability for the retailer and a super value for the customer.


Tiger Grass Certified Organic Catnip Buds

Hand Harvested and packaged in gold foiled zip-locks with a clear front display. Tiger Grass Certified Organic Catnip Buds are for the customers that want the strongest and finest quality catnip available!



Shaped like a mouse and available in Red, Black, and Limited Edition GO CAT BLUE. In a dynamic blister pack the laser comes loaded with batteries and is ready to go after you pull the safety tab. 

We have a variety of video display options that are available for your displays from supplying a Loop DVD, Zip drive, or even a small video unit called an Instoremercial.
It is a proven fact that video promo loops can increase sales by as much as 500 percent!

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