Tiger Grass Certified Organic Buds

Hand-Harvested Grown in the USA!


Indulge your cat customers with the very best! TIGER GRASS CERTIFIED ORGANIC CATNIP BUDS are Hand Harvested at the peak of potency to insure they are the GOLD STANDARD in catnip! Each bud is bursting with Nepetalactone, the oil in catnip that drives them wild, so it only takes a a pinch of a TIGER GRASS BUD compared to other less potent catnip, for your feline friend to enjoy the ultimate treat. TIGER GRASS CERTIFIED ORGANIC CATNIP BUDS provide energy and enthusiastic play that mellows into a relaxed happy state.


TIGER GRASS CERTIFIED ORGANIC BUDS are now available for retail in stores in two forms of packaging! Each Jar and Tin come with a hang tag for easy pegging and they display and sell well on the counter free standing or in baskets.




Grown in North Western USA in the perfect climate and soil for CATNIP 

we harvest as late as possible in order for the plants and flowers to mature longer. This creates stronger oil content that when released from the plants stimulates cats in a powerful way and is the reason TIGER GRASS CERTIFIED ORGANIC CATNIP is considered the GOLD STANDARD in catnip!

Our special high quality Gold Foil Bag with no window to keep out light, keeps freshness in. When you open the bag and give it a pinch, your favorite feline will be right on hand to receive their ultimate treat! PROVEN FACT! SELL THE FINEST CATNIP TO YOUR CAT LOVING CUSTOMERS AND THEY WILL ALWAYS COME BACK FOR MORE! Sell them low quality catnip and they may never come back for anything!

Steve Cantin

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Crystal Clear Acrylic Jars with

Air tight Screw Top Lids

3" by 2.25”

Wholesale price $4.50

MSRP - $8.95


Packed 36 per case

Case price $162

Min. order 1 case

UPC: 7-85771-00107-3

Unique Tins with Clear Fronts

and a Gold Band Wrap

5-3/8” by 3.5” by 1”

Wholesale price $8.50

MSRP - $17.95


Packed 12 per case

Case price $102

Min. order 1 case

UPC:  7-85771-00015-1

Tiger Grass Certified Organic Catnip

in a Gold Foil Bag

8" by 5.25”

Wholesale price $2.50

MSRP - $5.95


Packed 36 per case

Case price $90

Min. order 1 case

UPC: 7-85771-00061-8

Tiger Grass Gold Foil Ziplock Bud Bag

7” by 4.3"

Wholesale price $4.00

MSRP - $7.95


Packed 48 per case

Case price $192

Min. order 1 case

UPC:  7-85771-00100-4

Go Cat Feather Toys

Go Cat Feather Toys

are the #1 Made in the USA

Interactive Cat Toys worldwide!


Our new packaging is taking the

 market by storm and the reorders have been brisk! The package featured in the pictures on this page include our new

 Tiger Grass Certified Organic Catnip Buds and one dozen bags of our Certified Organic Leaf and Flower Catnip in our new GOLD FOIL BAGS!        (not pictured). We can customize a     GO CAT/TIGER GRASS display to fit any space you have available in your      plan-o-gram or for any budget.

Power Panel Packages are also available on request.

Click the link below to see product pricing

Full Flight Package

We have a variety of video display options that are available for your displays from supplying a Loop DVD, Zip drive, or even a small video unit called an Instoremercial.
It is a proven fact that video promo loops can increase sales by as much as 500 percent!

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